Sunday, September 30, 2007

#23: Summary

Thank god I'm finished.
Great program,but I feel that I personally need one on one assistance.
Maybe classes for people like me that found it a little difficult to understand. Most of what I learned was very informative,but for the most part I probably will never use these tools.I found it a little frustrating going from page to page. Sometimes I would lose a web page and then have to do it all over again. I did find that the mezz program was fun to do. All in all, I found that blogging is not for me.

#22 Downloadable Audio Books

I did like this tool alot.It provides people to down load books to their mp3 player or if a college student needs to do a project it could prove them information that they can not retrieve anywhere else. I personally would not use this tool because I have the resources at my fingertips at the library.

Week 9 Podcasts,Video& Downloadable Audio

I found this tool to be very useful for looking for commercials that maybe you have forgotten the title or if you are looking for an actor's debut etc.
This if not already is helping and giving people a way to net work and to see things that they my have forgotten in the past

Week 8: Online Appications & Tools

I feel that this tool is a great why to access a program that normally people would have to pay for.I personally find that it gives people an opp. to do home work, resumes, etc. I never knew that different programs existed. This is great.

Week 7 #16,17 Wikis

To be honest with you, I do not feel this tool would benefit me. Considering that I'am circulation
I feel this tool would benefit the Librarians much better,for they have the resources to look things up and edit the wikis. I really found this tool to be very confusing and a bit hard to understand
Though I would love to take a course on this so I could fully understand the concept.
I did make my own wiki about coffee.

Week 6- Tagging, Folksonomies, Technorati

I feel this tool is GREAT.
Again it gives the public great resources to look for things that they may not know that they can use. Such as; if a patron is looking for bathrooms and they click on the tag it has different sizes different looks etc. It gives the patron many different avenues to travel.